Smart and Cute iPig Stereos – A right Choice for iPod/iPhone Users

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Perhaps you might not have heard much about Lanchiya. iPig stereo dock is one of its products and highly familiar to you as iPig stereo. This iPig stereo dock can be used as an accessory to iPod. This iPod speaker comes in different shapes. iPig stereo that comes in a pig shape looks very cute and, an ideal gift to give away. This is also the most preferred choice of many iPod users.

There are several high end audio speakers available in the market, but for a great price. Lanchiya committed to preparing high quality audio speakers, but at a relatively less price compared to some companies like Bose. Interestingly, the quality is not compromised.

The company prepares different designs which look quite futuristic and attractive. The range of all these models varies from $100 to $200. One cannot resist stopping by the store while on a roam. All these are worth starting a conversation at parties.

As of now these speakers are compatible to only mobile devices of Apple. Lanchiya is about to release models with Bluetooth enabled. This will make them compatible to other Android and Window based phones also.

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